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Key Stretches

Stretching is so important when it comes to keeping up with a good training routine and ensuring you don't get injured. 

I always recommend clients so dynamic based stretches as part of their warm up to increase blood flow, mentally prepare themselves for the training they're about to do, and some movement patterns that are likely going to be part of the exercise they're about to do. 

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Mindset and Goal Setting with Expert Coach

I've spoken before about how mental health is just as important as physical health, and in particular during lockdown it plays even more of a crucial role. 
As we have started to settle into a new routine, you might have started to think about the time ahead of you and whats to come. 
Goals that you might have previously set yourself or events you had planned to focus on being postponed or cancelled can sometimes send planning into a bit of chaos. 
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Running for Mental Health

Doing any type of exercise is going to help build your physical fitness. Most people often forget the benefit exercise and training can have on you mentally too.

Exercise and training releases endorphins in your body which stimulate your brain, often know has the happy chemicals, which is why you feel better once you’ve trained.

It might be hard dragging yourself to the gym or going out for a run when the weather isn’t too appealing but you always feel happy and when you’ve finished.

Running helps you mentally in other ways too.

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