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Be Strong Not Skinny

Categories: Exercise, Goals

Times have changed recently and the idea of training to be skinny is no longer the ‘in’ look. Fortunately this mind-set has enabled training to focus on lifting weights and getting strong, without the worry of people thinking you’re too muscular.

As a runner this can be tricky to build strength and bulk as distance running puts your body into a catabolic state (breaking down body tissue) and very rarely focuses on any upper body training. This is why it is very important to consider resistance training within your plan especially as you’re increasing the miles that you run.

By incorporating resistance work not only are you going to get stronger, you’re going to help prevent common running injuries, but also improve your running speed and technique.

Some great exercises to get you started with little to no weights are:

  1. Pull Ups
  2. Press Ups
  3. Squats
  4. Deadlift
  5. Reverse Lunges
  6. Mountain Climbers
  7. Tricep Dips
  8. Curl and Press
  9. Russian Twist
  10. Plank

I've put together a quick video to show you the technique of the exercises.