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Success Stories

Kishan - Legends Training Programme

Following on from the success of Robin Hood 2022, my sights were set on London Marathon 2023 AND an unexpected ballot spot in Chicago Marathon 2023! But sadly due to multiple injuries the plan had to be changed to allow my body the recovery it needed. So Chicago 2023 was on for October 23 and London postponed to 2024.

With the help of Gemma, I was able to work through my various shin, Achilles and knee issues and get myself in a much stronger position. I was feeling much stronger with the good work we did on my legs but also my upper body was feeling much better too. 

Come October 2023 I was able to complete Chicago Marathon in 5:14, shaving 5 mins off my personal best. On reflection, I was really happy that I managed to do so well, considering it had been an injury filled year. Now my focus shifting to challenge, London 2024! I knew with enough hard work, especially with strength and conditioning, I should be able to hit a good time! 

Next 6 months was nothing short of pure focus, hard work, lifting heavier, being put through my paces with Gemma’s strict regime! She could sense I had purpose and drive in wanting to achieve my goals and was instrumental in getting me marathon ready to push myself to the next level. 

April 2024, London Marathon day! This was nothing short of amazing! Everything came together, the training, the weather, the fuelling strategy, the race experience, everything! I completed the London Marathon in 4:42, shaving 32 mins off my Chicago Time! 

Thanks to Gemma and all her knowledge and guidance with the strength and conditioning work but also being a great sounding board in helping me to make sure I was mentally ready for the marathon. This is sometimes underestimated but having someone to listen and share your train of thoughts and guide and coach your mind to be ready for such an event is very important. And Gemma was amazing with this!

If you have any fitness challenge, goals or events that you need to be ready for, then Gemma is the person you want to speak to! 

Thank you Gemma for all your guidance and support in helping me in achieving my goals!

Claire Henry - Personal Training

I started personal training with Gemma 10 months ago.  As a post menopausal woman my goals were to increase fitness and strength and also lose a bit of excess weight.  I've now achieved all those goals thanks to Gemma's unwavering support, encouragement and skill in her profession. 
I consider my sessions with Gemma as not only an investment into my fitness but also into my overall wellbeing.

Kishan - Legends Programme

The PT sessions with Gemma have really helped me with my strength and conditioning for my half marathon training; from the various weighted exercises, body weight exercises to also the running techniques she had planned for me. She is always on hand to make the necessary adjustments if I wasn’t doing anything properly but also giving me the belief to go up on the weight categories to push me that little more to get stronger.

The day of the Robin Hood half marathon went better than I imagined and exactly to plan! I felt strong, stuck to the plan and more so I didn’t stop once! In past years I would have had a walking break after 8/9 miles but this time I just kept going and going and sure enough ran the whole race and got myself a PB! Shaving 5 mins off my previous best. All the hard work certainly paid off and can’t thank Gemma enough for her continued support in helping me achieve my goal!

Next stop…. London Marathon 2023!!!!

Jackie - Running Clinic

Coming into The Running Clinic I wanted to run faster, I liked the option to do the sessions online, so I could still go to Parkrun on a Saturday morning. My biggest takeaway from the programme is how to use and move my arms, to help me run faster. 

Angela - Running Clinic

When I signed up I was concerned the programme might be too difficult, I didn't need to worry as it was pitched at just the right level. My highlight is that I now think about how I need to run and moving forwards I know how to warm up, think about my cadence and running position. The small group number was great, it meant I made improvements in a short period of time.

Russell - Legends Programme

I joined Fundamental Sports & Fitness in December 2020, having arrived in Nottingham for a new job in March of that year. Thanks to a combination of not knowing anyone, the pandemic and numerous lockdowns, and a good bit of comfort eating, I was soon at 100kgs - the heaviest I have ever been. I made a conscious decision to join Gemma's program before the end of the year, just to avoid it becoming a New Year resolution that would ultimately fail. Having never been a gym goer before, I learnt a lot very quickly and the small class size meant that it was a great way to start out weight training, compared to what one might call your 'typical gym'. My sessions were well-planned and enjoyable, even the lockdown-enforced zoom classes had plenty of value. My training together with a concerted effort to eat smarter & healthier, worked wonders, and I lost 10 kgs in the first 4 months and felt noticeably more 'toned' in that time, particularly my core. I still have a long way to go on my fitness journey, but I am considerably better off for having joined the 'Legends' program, and would have no hesitation recommending Fundamental Sports & Fitness to others.

Ryan - Paired Personal Training

Gemma’s personal training programmes for couples have really kept me and my partner going during lockdown. We both have very different goals but our programmes are personalised to our own specific training needs. It’s something that we both look forward to doing together each week and we enjoy spending the time together – it’s something we can share while still pursuing our own individual objectives. Personally, Gemma’s programmes have really enabled me to stay in shape for climbing when the climbing gyms have been closed throughout lockdown.

Gemma - Legends Programme

I joined because I wasn't really doing any kind of exercise, injuries and niggles had stopped me running and whenever I started again, they all come back, I was kinda kidding myself I was a runner or in any way fit. I was having a good moan to a friend about not running and not knowing what to do fitness wise and she strongly recommended getting in touch with Gemma. So, I sucked it up and gave her a call, as I'd always thought PT was for people who were already super fit and wanted to train for intense events. I absolutely couldn't have been more wrong or made a better decision! I didn't really know what to expect, but found Gemma is an amazingly nice person who is encouraging and supportive, helps you feel relaxed and definitely knows her stuff. She answers any questions, not matter how silly I think they are, and evens manages not to laugh (too much!) at my utter lack of co-ordination.

 She watches and listens carefully to how the exercises are going and tailors them to suit. I had never lifted weights before and didn't have a clue how to do it, I hadn't wanted to try on my own as I was more than a little worried about injuring myself. Gemma demonstrates how to use the correct technique really clearly and is great at adjusting my form to make sure I'm doing the exercises correctly. I can't quite believe how much I now enjoy lifting heavy things! Each month there is a different plan which pushes me, keeps the variety up and is shockingly enjoyable! I've seen such an improvement in my weight, strength and overall fitness, my body shape is heading towards somewhere I never thought possible, and I'm running again. I wouldn't have been able to achieve this on my own, I wouldn't have known where or how to start, and it's so much better than the boring gym. I'm excited to see where I get to and continue training. I'd highly recommend Gemma's sessions to anyone for her approach, knowledge and enthusiasm!

Ruth - Injury Clinic and Personal Training

After four years of trying to fix my knee, and other injuries, all rooted in hypermobility, I began a course of treatment with Gemma at her injury clinic in January 2020.

Lockdown gave me the opportunity to dedicate some serious time to my rehab which produced some unexpected and surprising results; my knee pain declined and, more importantly, recovery time improved between exercise sessions.

Over the last few months, despite not always being the best client and sometimes shirking on my rehab exercises, I have seen a noticeable improvement in my condition. I’m stronger and more stable in my posture and am able to run two 5ks a week and have recently taken part in an Aquathlon.

I’m always going to be battling my genetics with my hypermobility but the injury clinic has helped me on my way to being able to manage the impacts that my joints have on my ability to exercise safely.

Emma - Injury Clinic

In January I was given that advice no runner wants to hear, not to run at all, from the physio. I had received a diagnosis of trochanter bursitis from my doctor, given a set of exercises on a sheet and told to come back in six weeks with the option of a steroid injection. The exercises from the doctor and physio just caused a lot of pain and I couldn't see a way forward. At this point I heard about the Fundamental Sports and Fitness Sports Injury Clinic and decided to join to motivate me working through these exercises.

The difference in Gemma's approach from that I got from the physio and the doctor was that she took the exercises right back to simple easy moves with very little resistance to a level that I could cope with and minimal pain. She was able to customise a set of very standardised exercises to a level that was appropriate to my injury at that time. Most importantly though working with Gemma and the other members of the group kept me feeling positive about the possibility of being able to run again.

After 2-3 months of working with Gemma I was back to running three times a week. Over the next several months built up to run longer distances again three times a week and finally entering a 10k this month. I'm not back to marathon running yet, I think this is a much longer journey, but through training with Gemma I have begun to understand the serious problems with my approach to marathon training from the past and learning from bad habits by starting with achievable goals and building on those. Most importantly it got me back out there running which has been so critical to keeping active during the long months of lockdown.

Matt - Personal Training 

I joined Fundamental Sports and Fitness circuit sessions over two years ago and have enjoyed every session (even after Mountain Climbers!). I decided that I wanted to take on the challenge of the 'Couch to 5K' last year in October, with no real passion or drive to run in the past. By the end of November, I found that although I enjoyed the run after completing it, my muscles and joints were starting to strain. I asked for Gemma's advice and she suggested foam rolling. I joined her workshop on 'How to improve your recovery and running avoid injuries' and it was invaluable and personalised to what I needed. This has prevented me from injuring myself and I am now able to steadily run further and challenge myself more and more. Gemma always encourages you to push yourself and I never feel silly asking her questions! The most recent online workshop was the 'Exercises to do at home to improve your fitness and running', including specific and tailored exercises to strengthen my core and build stamina. It was a bit strange online at first, but you get over it quickly and Gemma makes sure that you are just as challenged and supported as if she was in the room. Thanks to Gemma, I have found a new hobby that will improve my fitness and, using the workshop knowledge, I know I can persevere through when it's tricky!

Jane - Injury Clinic

I just wanted to say thanks very much for the injury clinic. You really listened carefully to what I needed and tailored the exercises accordingly. The sessions were friendly and personal with good, clear advice given on form and carrying them out correctly. 
I enjoyed the virtual session from my living room as we went into self isolation, it kept me motivated to train!

Sarah - Injury Clinic

After running the Robin Hood Half Marathon and sustaining a hip injury that stopped me running for 4 months, I saw Gemma's Sports Injury Clinic advertised and felt that as my return to running was being delayed due to continued hip pain that I needed some extra support on top of my physio sessions. I am now back running albeit only short distances but being able to attend the clinic and also do the exercises at home has been a great help. I would highly recommend Gemma and will be considering further support with my next half marathon training.

Ruth - Injury Clinic

Taking part in the injury clinic has been a great help in starting to manage an injury which has been a chronic problem for the last 4 years. Gemma has been really supportive and created a tailored plan to help build strength back into my knee. Despite it only having been 6 weeks, there are positive signs of improvement and I intend to continue with the exercises independently and come back to the clinic in the future to help development of my injury management strategy.

Amanda - Injury Clinic

After a number of years of running with injuries, and just "getting through" events I booked onto Gemma's injury clinic. Going back to basics and working on strength & flexibility, alongside others in the same situation. I've been able to start running short distances again, and enjoy it, a return visit to Chester Marathon later this year is back in plan.

Emma J - Injury Clinic

I suffered from lower back pain and hip pain when running or standing for too long and sometimes even sitting for too long . I have degeneration of the lower lumbar spine however after these six weeks of injury clinic I feel pain free never thought I would be like this! Would highly recommend Gemma and am looking forward to moving forward with more training techniques with her.

Jo - Injury Clinic

Last year I did 5 half marathons in the first 6 months of the year. As I got to the last one (Derby half), I realised that my mobility was decreasing and I was experiencing pain in my hip.

Within my treatment programme I came to the sessions with Gemma. The Injury Clinic has made a big difference to my level of pain and hip mobility and I enjoyed being with other people who have similar experiences. Not being able to run has had a detrimental effect on me and I am hoping with Gemma's help that I can improve my strength and flexibly and return to running soon.

Cat - Injury Clinic

During the Amsterdam marathon I developed some issues with my knee which meant that even running a few meters afterwards was incredibly painful. I came to the sessions with Gemma in the hope that I would build up my strength with some professional advice and get running again. The Injury Clinic has been incredible for me as it has allowed me to meet like minded people who are in the same situation. It can be so lonely being on the injury bench! I've really noticed an improvement in my flexibility and strength and have been able to run 5k again! Slow and steady! I hope to get back into running marathons in the future with the big dream of doing an ultra!

Sarah Gigg - Paired Personal Training

Over the past 14 months Gemma has helped me improve my overall fitness and target my "problem" areas which has led to a much needed boost in my confidence. I am stronger, fitter and I have much more energy than before. I began paired personal training with a friend to alleviate the anxiety of attending in a big group. I was initially very self conscious but this soon disappeared. Gemma is non judgmental and puts her clients at ease which has motivated me to join in other exercise groups.; I have lost inches and toned up lots over the last year or so and feel much better.

Steph Whistler - Paired Personal Training

I joined Gemma in 2018 to loose weight and tone up. I have done paired PT with one of my friends for over a year. I hadn’t done much exercise in the past and was nervous about doing classes as I was so unfit. Working with Gemma, not only have I lost weight but my body shape has completely changed. She has inspired a love of fitness and makes every session enjoyable. She created an atmosphere that makes anyone feel relaxed and motivated me (which is a hard job). Each session has built my confidence and enabled me to join a gym and train on my own. Thanks to Gemma I have found a new hobby that I thought I would never enjoy doing!

Leanne O'Donoghue - Blast Programme

I started training with Gemma in November 2018 because I wanted to improve my health, fitness and body-confidence. I wanted to lose weight and tone up to fit into my wedding dress.

I was very nervous about starting classes as I was in no way fit and going to the gym had always filled me with dread. My nerves quickly vanished after my first session with Gemma and since then I look forward to my sessions each week. Her classes are challenging and fun at the same time. Gemma is extremely encouraging and supportive and knows the right times to push you further. She creates an atmosphere where nobody feels the need to compare themselves to those around them as we all work at our own pace and ability level.

Gemma has helped me to keep track of my weight and measurements and it’s an amazing feeling to see them decrease each time we check them. I have seen huge changes in my fitness, strength and appearance. In total, I've lost almost 1 stone and I've lost 12.5 inches. The 3.5 inches I've lost from my waist meant that I could order my wedding dress in the size down from what I needed originally. I've even had to have the new dress taken in at the waist, hips and bust.

My attitude to exercise and diet has changed dramatically and I am much healthier and happier than I was last year. I’m excited to continue training with Gemma and seeing myself change even more!

Jo Porter - Blast Programme

I joined Fundamental Sports and Fitness Blast Programme with a bunch of girls from my hockey club to keep my strength and fitness up during the summer offseason. I am a regular gym-goer but the sessions that Gemma plans combined with the motivation you get from small group sessions have been a fantastic addition to my own gym work. Gemma is great at adjusting your form so you are doing the exercises correctly. She even indulges my gym selfie addiction by taking a couple of photos of me flexing! 🤣 If you want a strength session but don’t fancy the 1:1 personal trainer route the Blast Programme is perfect. I would not hesitate to recommend Fundamental Sports and Fitness to anyone.

Beth Rosser - Blast Programme

Joining the Blast programme as a group from my hockey club was a great decision! Making the most of the offseason to build some strength, fitness and balance (for which I am infamous for having none) Gemma was great at working with us and I can really feel the benefits! Each session was different and challenging but great fun as well and Gemma is always willing to adapt exercises for different people, taking into account injuries or weaknesses (which from a physio's point of view great to see). I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and recommend Gemma to anyone trying to build strength and fitness, and have a great time doing it.

Helen Gaunt - Blast Programme

Starting off as my hockey captains recommendation, I started a 6-week course with Gemma and some teammates as a way to keep up fitness between the seasons. A variety of 'simple' exercises have helped me build strength in my core and other muscles which I forgot I had and therefore neglected! In just 6 weeks my upper body strength has improved as well as my core strength and balance. I am very happy with my progress and how it has helped my running in such a short space of time. Another great thing is the variety of exercises so every session is different, so much better than the gym!! Like my hockey captain, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gemma to anyone!

Suki Vernon - Blast Programme

I'm a keen runner and I wanted to improve my performance and build strength. I joined the 6-week Blast programme after attending the Nutritional course which was really informative and helpful. The Blast programme is brilliant you get personal support and the classes are small so it feels like a PT session every time. Since the 6-week programme ended, I've now gone onto attending weekly sessions as I've noticed a huge difference in my body shape, running performance and upper body strength already. Before I joined I had an operation and one of my running friends remarked that my running performance is stronger than it was before my operation. I know this is down to the Fundamental Sports and Fitness Blast programme. I couldn't recommend it enough. I'm already seeing and feeling results in such a short space of time. I've also lost 2.5 inches off my waist. Each session feels like a real workout and each week it's different so I never get bored.

Fiona Chalkley - Blast Programme

I started coming along to training because I realised that I needed to do some strength and conditioning work alongside running, especially as I was ramping up the distance. I'm working towards two ultras in the next few months and over those kinds of distance cross-training becomes essential. I've really enjoyed coming along to the sessions. The fact that the groups are so small and friendly has been one of the main factors in deciding to continue with Gemma and giving up my gym membership - I much prefer this format. Plus I feel stronger and am starting to see results. In the future, I'd like to be strong enough to complete an OCR event, which I've always shied away from because I've lacked upper body strength.

Savitaa - Legends Programme

I came in the new year to see Gemma to gain strength. I have my first marathon coming up and knew I needed some extra training to help with my running. I've noticed over the 12 weeks I've become better at the exercises and seen a real difference in my technique as I do them. Over the course I ran my first 20-mile race and this was a great opportunity to test my new fitness levels. As a bonus we also took my body measurements at the start and end of the programme, I've lost a total of 37cm, which has helped me feel nice and toned. I noticed I've progressed very well and I'm looking forward to my upcoming event.

Karen Usher - Blast Programme

As a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, I’m always preaching to my running groups about the importance of strength training to improve running performance and to protect against injury.

I was finally forced to follow my own advice last year when a series of injuries relating to my hip and lower back meant I couldn’t run with my groups! I spent the next 6 months cycling, or, at worst, driving around West Bridgford shouting encouragement out of the car window at my ladies. Not ideal !

I joined Gemma's Blast Programme in October 2018 in an attempt to prevent this frustrating situation from recurring. We have worked on strengthening my core and firing up my glutes to protect my lower back. Gemma has also introduced me to upper body work (scary for a runner) getting me to lift weights and hang from bars - totally new to me.
As a result, I'm feeling much stronger in my core, my running posture has improved and I’m developing some impressive guns 💪

Gemma has been so encouraging and positive ( important to me as I have felt way out of my comfort zone at times).
Gemma's strength training is giving me the confidence to enjoy running again and I am now looking forward to a stronger, fitter, injury-free year of running.

Hilary Marson - 1:1 Personal Training

I just spent an hour with Gemma at Fundamental Sports and Fitness. I wanted to improve my warm-up and post-run stretches etc, to ensure I do my best and don't harm my aged joints. She was great, and I have lots of homework. Recommended for anyone starting out, or dealing with aches and pains.

Nicola Pennill - Legends Programme

Having thought about and intending to do some strength training for ages, a knee injury made up my mind! Not being able to run for a while meant it was a good focus to feel like I was doing something constructive, and I also suspected that lack of functional strength was what led to the injury in the first place. My sessions with Gemma have improved my overall strength and I feel stronger and more flexible as a runner. I would not have expected that getting stronger in my upper body and improving my posture would also benefit my running. After a couple of months I feel that while I've got further to go, I'm already feeling the benefits. As a more ‘mature’ (OK, older) runner, I would highly recommend - use it or lose it!

Tracey Coull - Legends Programme

Gemma and I train together regularly. Gemma has enabled me to lift heavier and work harder. I sometimes struggle on my journey but Gemma is so motivated and enthusiastic that I always get back on track and look and feel significantly better. On two occasions yesterday colleagues commented on my changing shape.

Alison Walker - Legends Programme

I am a latecomer to any sort of fitness. I tried netball, Zumba, yoga all of which I enjoyed but I didn't see a great deal of change in my body shape.

I turned 50 and decided I needed more help with someone telling me what to do. I first met Gemma when I looked for a personal trainer, she didn't make me feel embarrassed about my body or lack of fitness. Within the first 6 months, I dropped 2 stones and my level of fitness increased.

With Gemma's guidance and encouragement I have come on leaps and bounds. I've increased my weights by more than double. I have lost so many centimetres I've lost count. I love my 121s and my Small Group Sessions and have made good friends too.

Success breeds success and I hope to be lifting even heavier weights in the very near future. I now walk with confidence and a little sass.

Mark - 6 Week Blast Programme

I started the Blast Programme with Gemma wondering if I could ever run again after keyhole surgery on my knees. I have been amazed that structured exercise can make such a positive dif