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Strength and conditioning are key to being a good runner. They stop you getting injured, give you better movement in your body and ultimately make you faster.

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As a runner, deciding which training plan to follow can be difficult.

Traditional plans are usually designed to steadily increase your mileage as you get closer to race day, but this makes it difficult to find the time to fit in any gym work. If you do start omitting your strength training, this can lead to problems such as tight hips or pain in the knees and feet.

If these issues aren’t addressed, your ability to run will be affected and you may even start to worry about whether you’ll make it to the start line.

Here at Fundamental Sports and Fitness we take a different approach.

Our running training programme at our Nottingham Studio has been designed with all of this in mind to include strength and conditioning work as well as tips to help you improve your running form.

So, whether you love pounding the pavement, sweating on a treadmill, running 10k, picking up medals at marathons or you’re ready for your first triathlon then this is the place for you.  

You’ll find our core-based exercises will strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve your stability and posture when running. We’ll also work on your legs so you feel confident that whether the miles you’re covering are short or up to half-marathon length, it will feel easy.

You’ll know that once get to the start line of your race, you’ll be in top shape and will have the right mindset to run your best race.

Gemma has worked with clients who have taken part in their first UK event at the World Championships. And she’s a fully-fledged Running Technique Coach after qualifying with the Running School this year.

You will meet other clients all at various stages of their journey from beginner to advanced.


Here’s what’s included in the Running Training Programme:

  • One session a week at our studio in Nottingham
  • Sessions will be lived streamed online so you can access them at home if you're unable to attend the studio.
  • Our unique training system has been designed by Gemma Spackman, the founder of Fundamental Sports Fitness.
  • You’ll train with with one other client, so you’ll get lots of individual attention to improve your training and see the results you’re after.
  • You’ll receive nutrition advice to support weight loss, and advice on what gear to get for your race, such as running shoes.
  • Each week is themed to balance your strength and conditioning. 

The 6 Week Running Training  Programme costs £150

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You can also take advantage of our sports massages to ensure you to stay as flexible and knot-free as possible in the run up to your race for an additional fee.