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Are you a runner who just runs?

Did you know lifting weights and mobility work will help you run smarter and more effectively?

In my experience I’ve found strength, mobility and stretching work can get neglected, which leads to tight hips, knee pain, foot pain and cause worry about even being able to run or make the start line of a race.

Having a specific and educated strength and conditioning training plan for runners is going to mean you not only stop little niggles turning into nasty injuries you become much fitter and stronger which in turn informs and benefits your running.

You may already be a regular runner and need some additional guidance with your training or you may have just started your Couch to 5k journey, got the buzz for running and need greater support knowledge and expertise on what exercises to do.

The Strength and Conditioning for Runners Online Membership Platform is the perfect place for you to start your training. It is an intuitive programme where I use my knowledge of training and competing on a personal level combined with education and coaching clients on a professional level to deliver a well thought out course.

After having a serious back injury I know the importance of strength and recovery work in a training programme and I’m sympathetic to the needs of my clients. I’m limited to the amount and distance of running I can do comfortably because of my back and have found having a training programme which focuses on my strength, core, mobility and balance enables me to continue running and focus on races.

The majority of my clients started with the Couch to 5k programme and celebrated as they completed their graduation, from there they knew that running was for them. Lots of gone on to do 10k races, half marathons, marathons and even ultra races. I love to hear their experiences of London, Loch Ness and Amsterdam Marathons.

I’ve put everything I have learnt into practise when it comes to designing your training programmes. I have over 15 years worth of experience in training and coaching clients, coupled with my Degree in Sports Development and Coaching, Personal Training Diploma, Sports Massage Diploma and only a handful of coaches in the UK as a certified Obstacle Course Coach. All these elements work perfectly together to create the training systems I have with my clients.

I have been featured in Womens Running Magazine and I’m a regular writer for Obstacle Course Race Magazine providing my expertise and training to the readers.

The benefits of joining The Strength and Conditioning for Runners Membership Platform are:

  • You’ll get one pre-recorded training plan each week that focuses on your strength and conditioning so that you’ll be able to do it on-demand at a time that suits you.
  • You’ll get one Live Personal Training session on Zoom each week that builds on a specific element of your training so that you are supported and accountable for your training.
  • The Live session will also be recorded so if you miss the training session you’ll be able to repeat it in your own time.
  • You’ll receive masterclass sessions on specific topics such as glute training, stopping achy knees and feet so that you are prepared with all the knowledge needed to make you a strong runner.
  • There will be the opportunity to have guest speakers to discuss running technique, mindset, and nutrition so that we can focus on the wellbeing aspect of you as a runner.
  • You will be supported by others in the group where there will be opportunities for Question and Answer sessions so that you feel confident when you’re running.
  • If you want additional support and a bespoke training programme to work on a specific area of your fitness you can book a 1:1 PT session and have video analysis of exercises so that I can look at your movement and technique to enhance your training further.
  • It is a monthly subscription programme which gives you control and flexibility.

There are 3 levels to The Strength and Conditioning for Runners Membership Platform. Click on the option below and we



1 Pre-recorded strength and conditioning session each week



1 Pre-recorded strength and conditioning session each week

1 themed live session each week

Q+A session in group

Guest speaker/Masterclass sessions



1 Pre-recorded strength and conditioning session each week

1 themed live session each week

Q+A session in group

Guest speaker/Masterclass sessions

1 x 1:1 Online PT Session

Video analysis of exercises

Book your membership now so that you can hit the ground running.


As soon as you have completed your payment you’ll be given your log in details to the members area where you can start looking at the training and what is in store for you.