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Upcoming Events

There are lots of differnt types of running events you can do, ranging from local 5k fun runs to ultra marathons in the Scottish Highlands. Whatever race you decide to do you need to train for it. 

This is where we can help you. We have a range of Personal Training options to help you on your journey as you work hard to complete your event. 

Our 6 Week Obstacle Race Training Programme will ensure you can push, pulll, hang, carry and jump through any obstacle course.

Our 12 or 16 Week Marathon Training Programme will help you as a runner to make sure you are strong and fit to complete the event and aim for a personal best time, with a mix of personal training and sports massage included in the programme. 

Our Runners Personal Training Programme will work with you on a 1:1 or semi private basis in our provate PT studio, making sure your training is specific to your goal and event. 

To get you started we have a free training programme for you to download. 

July 2020

18th Man vs Lakes Lake District - Set the Lake District you'll need to move fast at the start over the quicksand in Morecambe Bay and have fun kayaking over the lakes.
18th Zeus Races - Muddy hills and unique obstacles this run will be great for all the family

August 2020

8th Mudnificent 7 Coventry - It's an OCR summer party. Come and take part in a 7k course where 7 different race companies come together to put on 1km of a course each.
22nd Overload Derbyshire - An obstacle course race which utilises the natural running ground and hills, combining a mix of natural and man made obstacles.

September 2020

5th Wolf Run Autumn Warwickshire - Race on roads, trails and mud as you tackle all the obstacles on the course
5th Summer Nuts Challenge Surrey - Challenge yourself on this award winning muddy race course, you'll climb, heave and haul your way across the finish line
5th Man vs Mountain Snowdonia - If getting to the summit of Snowdon wasn't enough of an adventure, try doing it with some extreme obstacles as well.
12th Aztec Races Nottingham - A 7.5k, 15k or 37.5k trail race with an obstacle themed finish zone
12th Nuclear Blast Essex - You have 2 hours to complete as many 5k laps of an obstacle packed course
12th Nuclear Blackout Essex - If you enjoy taking on as many 5k laps in 2 hours in the day, try doing it at night time
27th Robin Hood Festival of Running Nottingham - A weekend of running, culminating in a half marathon round the city of Nottingham

October 2020

11th Royal Parks Half Marathon London - A beautiful half marathon through the Royal Parks in London
24th Rocket Race Discovery Somerset - An 8k course with a mix of fun and challenging obstacles which will have you feeling a great sense of accomplishment when you complete the course.
31st Nuclear Fallout Essex - Nuclears last event of the year which you'll complete 70 obstacles on the 12k course and 50 on the 7k course

November 2020

7th Wolf Run Winter Leicestershire - Race on roads, trails and mud as you tackle all the obstacles on the course
15th Rocket Race Atlantis Surrey - A race not like any other, you'll see the race split into 3 sections, a 2km stand up paddleboard, 10km cyclo-cross and 5km OCR