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As a runner, deciding on which training plan to follow can be difficult. For many runners, at every level, it can be tricky and confusing navigating them all online. Lots of the traditional marathon plans are designed to steadily increase your mileage as you get closer to race day making it difficult to fit in gym work. In my experience I’ve found gym work can then get neglected, which leads to tight hips, knee pain, foot pain and cause worry about even making it to the start line on marathon day.

This is why the Fundamental Sports and Fitness half and full marathon training programme is the solution for you and your running needs.

We like to keep your training programme simple and professional, making it as easy as possible to understand and, more importantly, follow. Whether you’ve just completed a 10k and looking to take the next step with a half marathon, about to run your first marathon,  a seasoned  marathon runner or are ready to take on an iconic event like the London Marathon, the training schedule we design for you will ensure you reach your goals and achieve your personal best.

Training schedules are designed with you, the runner, at the heart of the programme so you know the personal training and sports massages you receive will maximise your results. Whether that’s getting stronger and more powerful so you can increase your pace and improve your personal best or it’s your first big event at this distance and you want to make sure you’re going into it fully prepared, fit and confident. When you cross the finish line you’ll be feeling positive and thinking about when your next race is.

As part of your running membership you will receive:

  • Individual training plans designed with your own running training in mind. We will look at your training schedule and the number of days a week you run, what type of exercises you need to be doing and making sure you have enough recovery time to see the benefits of all your hard work.
  • One training session a week over the course of your programme, where you will complete your workout in our private personal training studio. Your training will help to improve your strength, running form and help you to run faster whilst supporting the training you may be doing elsewhere.
  • Your sports massages will ensure you recover quicker from your training, reduce your aches and pains during your workouts and if needed, you can reward yourself with a massage once you’ve completed your event.
  • Personal training sessions in an environment of additional support and motivation as there will be other people training in the studio at the time following their own training plans.
  • Meet and support people at the studio who could be doing the same races and events as you to share your experiences of past and future races with each other.
  • Strength and conditioning work to ensure you reduce your risks of picking up injuries. You will no longer need to worry about sore feet, knees and hips, your training will ensure you improve your running technique.
  • We’ll give you plenty of ideas on how to make sure your recovery is great and you’re able to keep increasing the distances that you run as you prepare for your half or full marathon.
  • If you want additional Sports Massage sessions you’ll be able to book more as part of the bespoke package at our members rate, with 10% off. 
  • Flexibility with training days to fit in with your running and day to day routine.
  • Access to our members area to ask questions for support and advice.

To hear what other runners have to say about training with us head over to our Success Stories as they share their experiences with you.

Half Marathon Package - £330 (£27 per week)

  • 12 Week Training Programme
  • 3 Massages (2 before and 1 after the event)
  • 12 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions once a week

Full Marathon Package - £430 (£27 per week)

  • 16 Week Training Programme
  • 4 Massages (3 before and 1 after the event)
  • 16 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions once a week

If you're a member of a running club you'll get a 10% discount off the programme. 

To enquire about our Half and Full Marathon Runners Programme contact us here and we'll get back to you.

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