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I’ve put in a number of procedures to ensure the safety of everybody attending the studio.

  • We have a booking system in place and allow for a change over period in between sessions in minimise contact between clients.
  • Everybody who attends the studio for Personal Training and Sports Massage is pre-screened to make sure they do not have any COVID 19 symptoms.
  • On arrival at the studio all clients temperatures are taken and recorded.
  • Clients need to come and leave dressed in their training clothes and limit the number of personal belongings they bring.
  • Hand sanitiser is readily available throughout the studio for clients to use.
  • When coming for a Sports Massage I wear full PPE (visor, mask, apron and gloves) and clients wear a mask.
  • Personal Training clients clean all their own equipment and there is no sharing of equipment in the group sessions.
  • There is a limit of the number of people allowed in the studio at any one time to make sure we can follow social distancing and government guidelines for exercise.
  • Between sessions the studio is cleaned before the next client arrives, windows are open to allow for fresh ventilation.
  • Sessions will also be recorded and live on Zoom for clients who are unable to make it to the studio.

For further information can be found on these websites.