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The Fundamental Sports and Fitness workshops are one-to-two-hour sessions held at our personal training studio in West Bridgford, not far from Nottingham city centre. They will give you the opportunity to learn about various topics related to health and fitness in a small and friendly environment as well as to ask our trainers any questions you might have about the best ways to progress your training.

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We have four workshop topics available for you to choose from. You can either book our workshops individually for £10 each or, if you want to get a head start on your fitness and knowledge, we have a great offer for you: if you buy all four together, you can save 10% on your booking and graduate from our Academy.

How To Improve Your Recovery and Avoid Running Injuries

Fri Apr 17 13:00

Cost: £10

If you’re training for a Couch to 5k, a marathon or a mud run, the more intense training you do, the higher your risk of picking up injuries. You may also suffer from general aches, pains and DOMS (delayed onset muscular soreness). Perhaps you’re worried about lower back pain, runners’ knees, shin splints or plantar fasciitis. If this is you, then this workshop can help.

As you start to increase the mileage you cover on your runs, you might notice you’re getting sore muscles and it’s taking longer to recover between sessions. If so, this workshop will give you tips to help prevent these aches and pains and boost your recovery.

The key to avoiding running injuries is to make sure you have a balanced training schedule with a good strength training programme that incorporates an effective recovery process.

At the workshop we’ll cover:

  • Different stretches for your muscles so you'll feel more flexible as you increase the number of miles you run each week.
  • How to foam roll correctly so you can use a foam roller to improve your post-run recovery.
  • How to do trigger point therapy using your body weight so that you can apply targeted pressure to release your muscles and help prevent running injuries.
  • Self-massage techniques to relieve aches and pains in your muscles when you have a knot or area of tension.
  • Running tips to help with injury prevention.

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