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The Fundamental Sports and Fitness workshops are one-to-two-hour sessions held at our personal training studio in West Bridgford, not far from Nottingham city centre. They will give you the opportunity to learn about various topics related to health and fitness in a small and friendly environment as well as to ask our trainers any questions you might have about the best ways to progress your training.

If you know which workshops you’d like to come to, jump straight to the booking section here.

We have four workshop topics available for you to choose from. You can either book our workshops individually for £10 each or, if you want to get a head start on your fitness and knowledge, we have a great offer for you: if you buy all four together, you can save 10% on your booking and graduate from our Academy.

How To Have The Best Nutrition As A Runner

Tue May 28 19:30

Mon Jul 22 18:30

In our nutrition workshop, we’ll look at which foods are better to snack on, whether you’re trying to lose weight or are looking for the best way to fuel your training. We’ll help you make sure you’re eating at regular times during the day to help keep your energy levels high and prevent you from getting to the point where you’re so hungry you’ll eat the first food you find.

Whether you consider yourself a beginner or marathon runner, nutrition is key to fuelling your body to make sure you’re full of energy and aren’t fatiguing as you increase your distance.

Do you find you feel tired after you run, your muscles are achy or you really don’t like the energy gels and sports drinks you have to have to keep going, this workshop is for you.

During the workshop we’ll look at:

  • The best healthy snacks to have and why it’s not always best to have low-calorie foods.
  • Our secrets and health tips to help you get the body you want.
  • Easy and enjoyable recipes that include more than just fruit and vegetables, so you don’t feel like you’re always on a diet.
  • Foods that are high in protein to help you gain muscle when training.
  • Why you need the right fats in your diet to keep you healthy.
  • Tips on how to drink enough of water.
  • What healthy snacks you can take to work so you don’t come home starving and resort to unhealthy convenience food
  • The importance of fuelling your body as a runner
  • Meal planning so it’ll take the stress a way of thinking about what to eat
  • Snacks to have before, during and after your runs so you’ll be full of energy
  • Different types of drinks to have to keep yourself hydrated

How To Avoid Common Running Issues

Tue Jun 11 19:30

Mon Aug 5 18:30

As a runner, you can sometimes be overwhelmed by the advice and information in different online groups and wonder how it can all apply to you. In this workshop, we cover some of the common problems that runners face and answer any questions you may have surrounding your training.

During the session we’ll cover topics including:

  • Heel striking, midfoot and forefoot running as well as which form you should be using to improve your performance and reduce injury.
  • Barefoot running and whether it makes you a better runner.
  • Stride length, cadence and gait, to help you understand how to improve your stride and have proper running form.
  • Gait analysis, so that you can learn how your gait can affect your running.
  • Tips to help improve your posture and in turn help you run better.
  • The ideal mileage you should be covering in your training to reach your goals, whether that’s completing the Couch to 5k, a 10k, marathon or mud run.
  • The type of trainers you’ll need for different events and when you should be changing them.
  • The ideal pace you need to be running at and how to improve your pace and speed.
  • The biomechanics of running and what your body needs to be doing as you run. This will cover your posture, tips on keeping your shoulders, arms and hands relaxed, and making sure your knees and feet point forwards.
  • Basic exercises to improve your running so you’ll increase your average running speed and help with injury prevention.

How To Improve Your Running

Mon Jun 24 18:30

In our running workshop, you’ll learn all you need to know about improving your running technique and will be provided with workouts to improve your strength and running form. No matter the distance you’re running, whether you’re just starting your journey with the Couch to 5k or are on the next step and looking at half marathons, marathons, or obstacle course races, you’ll gain plenty of new knowledge at the workshop.

As runners, we all know the importance of making sure our posture and form are good, we’ve heard about gait analysis and stride length, and we make sure we wear supportive running shoes, but we don’t always think about the strength and flexibility sessions we need to do in the gym to reduce our injury risks and help prevent foot, knee and back pain. We’ll cover all these things and more at the workshop so that you can feel confident you’re the best runner you can be.

At the running workshop we cover:

  • Tips and coaching to help make exercising easier.
  • Exercises to increase your fitness.
  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles in your legs, core and upper body.
  • Exercises to improve the mobility in your hips.
  • Different warm-up techniques to get your body and mind ready for running.
  • Nutrition advice and healthy snacks to give you plenty of energy (we’ll bring some snacks for you to try).
  • Using your arms and legs to increase the power in your body to run faster.
  • Recovery exercises and tools to use so you’re not achy and in pain after your runs.

How To Improve Your Recovery and Avoid Running Injuries

Mon Jul 8 18:30

If you’re training for a Couch to 5k, a marathon or a mud run, the more intense training you do, the higher your risk of picking up injuries. You may also suffer from general aches, pains and DOMS (delayed onset muscular soreness). Perhaps you’re worried about lower back pain, runners’ knees, shin splints or plantar fasciitis. If this is you, then this workshop can help.

As you start to increase the mileage you cover on your runs, you might notice you’re getting sore muscles and it’s taking longer to recover between sessions. If so, this workshop will give you tips to help prevent these aches and pains and boost your recovery.

The key to avoiding running injuries is to make sure you have a balanced training schedule with a good strength training programme that incorporates an effective recovery process.

At the workshop we’ll cover:

  • Different stretches for your muscles so you'll feel more flexible as you increase the number of miles you run each week.
  • How to foam roll correctly so you can use a foam roller to improve your post-run recovery.
  • How to do trigger point therapy using your body weight so that you can apply targeted pressure to release your muscles and help prevent running injuries.
  • Self-massage techniques to relieve aches and pains in your muscles when you have a knot or area of tension.
  • Running tips to help with injury prevention.

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