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Injuries can crop up at any time and affect your training. They can cause mild discomfort or lead to severe aches and pains in your joints and muscles.

Injuries can happen as you increase the distances you’re running in your training, when lifting more weights in the gym or have a technique that you need to work on. Imbalances in your muscles can cause soreness that may be in the form of heel/achilles pain, pain in the arch of your foot, lower backache, hip pain and sore knees, and so on.   

Our 6 Week Injury Clinic is designed to help you understand your injury, why you are injured and why injuries keep happening.  The clinic will equip you with the knowledge, exercises and tools you need to reduce your aches and pains to allow you to train and race at your full potential.

You may have been to see a physio or doctor, received a diagnosis for your injury and have been given exercises to do at home or been advised to rest until you get better. Our programme will enable you to incorporate these exercises and build a progressive programme designed specifically for you. This will help to speed up your recovery and feel supported by other people in the same situation as yourself.

The training we design is intelligent and intuitive, we make sure you're exercising at the correct level to help progress your recovery and get you back to full training. 

Lots of our clients have come to us for sports massage and personal training because they suffer from pain in their knees and feet from running, or back and shoulder pain from taking on obstacle courses. The training we have designed helps them back to full fitness and strength, some clients even say they feel stronger once they’ve finished training with us.

Over the course of the 6 weeks, you’ll get the opportunity to join our injury clinic. During the first week, you will get to meet other people in the group in a similar situation and go through assessments to check your injury and design your training programme.

We will have a discussion about the injury and see the best course of treatment to help prevent it reoccurring. As the weeks progress we'll reflect on your improvements and you’ll see your training develop and exercises get more challenging, there is the opportunity in the sessions to receive sports massage treatments if you’re finding you need knots in the muscles around the injury releasing.

Sports Massages will help to speed up your recovery, especially from lower back pain, shin splints and tightness in your calves which leads to pain on the bottom of your foot. On the final week, we will reassess your injury and movement and make a plan of action going forward to make sure you follow the correct treatment and training so the injuries don’t flare back up and leave you in severe pain.

I’ve had pretty devastating news when it comes to injuries, so I'm very compasionate and empathetic about your own situation. I was told I’d never play sport again after injuring my back over 10 years ago. I know how frustrating it can feel when you’re injured and you want to compete. Fortunately, I followed the advice, personal programme and sports massage from an expert and I now regularly race each month and keep my injuries at bay.

The benefits of the programme:

  • You’ll be in a group session with like-minded people suffering from similar injuries so you won’t feel alone and isolated during your recovery. The group will support you along your injury recovery.
  • Having a specific time in the week to do your exercises will get you into a set routine. In doing so you will speed up your recovery and the group setting will add extra motivation.
  • You’ll be following a progressive training programme that is designed to get you stronger.
  • You’ll be able to access sports massages during the sessions to help you manage any little niggles.
  • Your knowledge as to why your injury could be happening will improve dramatically and that information will help to support you emotionally and mentally so to form a positive attitude towards recovery.

The 6 Week Injury Clinic is £150. If you want to manage your injuries book your place on the programme by messaging me using the button below.

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Find out more about how I overcame my lower back pain and injury and why I understand where you're coming from when it comes to being injured.