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You’ve signed up for your first big running event or obstacle race. You had the initial buzz when you hit SEND, the adrenalin pumped around your body. You could hear the crowd cheering you on, your family standing at the side screaming your name. Immediately followed by a sense of doom and ‘what the hell have I just done?’ Sound familiar?

I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. And don’t worry, everything will be fine. Trust me. You just leapt out of your comfort zone, off the edge of a cliff, without a parachute.

What you need now, is a safety net – and that’s my job. It’s a job that I love. I’ve got you.

You probably have a lot of questions circling in your mind. You may be worried about picking up injuries, facing time off work; you’ve scoured the internet for training plans and advice (dangerous) you’ve even been out and brought yourself some new trainers which seem to be rubbing at the heel and they’re not waterproof.


Don’t do anything else.

Let’s have a chat.

You would never use this scattergun approach at work, so why are you doing it with your own body and this amazing challenge you’ve set yourself?

You need to project manage the event and that may, or may not, include hiring someone like me to fast track your progress. I’ll make sure you get to the end with the minimum chance of injury, I can get you the awesome results you’re after and of course, help you have lots of fun on this incredible journey - because it starts TODAY.

  • You need to know the kit that’s going to help you get over the finish line.
  • You need to know your strengths and weaknesses as judged by an expert (that’s me).
  • We will find out the obstacles likely to stop you in your path (often yourself).
  • And we need to take a look at the food you are eating.
  • The way you are training.
  • The goals you are setting yourself.
  • We don’t want you to fail before you’ve even left the starting line, and everyone overtakes you.

So, catch a breath and let’s make a plan.

In my incredible Fundamental VIP Day we will collaborate together on your special project. You crossing that winning line and leaving everyone behind you.

Here’s what you get:

  • A training session held at The Embankment in Nottingham where I assess your running technique.
  • A studio-based training session with all the kit, and then…
  • We sit down and create an individual training plan for your venture depending on how long you have until that claxon sounds.
  • Fast-track knowledge on your day with me as your expert in your corner
  • Kit recommendations from trainers to sports bras to which Vaseline to use (yes you will need it)
  • Feedback on your food diary.
  • VIP Handbook which sets your goals and highlights the obstacles likely to trip you up. We will come up with solutions and mindset hacks to get you over that finish line.
  • Injury assessment, I’ll warn you what to watch out for depending on your running style.
  • Plus, we will come up with a list of small simple changes to your technique that will give you massive results way ahead of race day.
  • Then, once we’ve done all the hard work, you will get to relax and enjoy a deep tissue massage that will relieve tight muscles and make your body run more efficiently.
  • You will leave with your goody bag which contains your Individual Training Plan – goal setting and obstacle hack list – Recommendation of technical changes to improve your performance - Food recommendations, Kit recommendations, Trigger Point Ball, Vaseline, running socks, T-shirt, and a follow-up call.

The cost is £799 for your VIP Day. Your return on investment? The best results, enhanced performance, risk of injury massively reduced.

And best of all, we’ve set you up for all the other races you sign up for in the future because it is addictive and you know, you’ll want to do it all again as soon as you’ve crossed the finish line.

Click here to book your VIP Day now