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How Long Can You Deadhang For?

Categories: Exercise, Goals

When it comes to mastering a pull up, a good first step can be to practise the deadhang.

It's where you're gripping onto a pull up bar, with your shoulders engaged (squeezed together) and hanging from the bar. 

You'll find to start with this is a real challenge as you'll find your grip is as much of a challenge as the strength in your back and shoulders. But once you have this mastered this, progressing to a pull up will be much easier. 

Let me know how you get on. 

Some times to work for 
Beginner - 10 seconds
Intermediate - 20 to 30 seconds
Advanced - 45 seconds +

It's important you warm your shoulders up before hand with mobility work and do some resistance band work to mimic the movements you're about to perform. Remember to also build up the time you do them slowly, this way your body and muscles will adapt to the deadhang action.