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Blog: June 2018

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Coping With Running In The Heat

We always have extremes of weather in the UK and coping with running in the heat can be a challenge.

This winter was freezing and for everybody that knows me, will be fully aware I wrap up warm and have a million layers on in the winter.

Compared to the Summer, when its shorts and t shirt weather and being outside for as much as possible.

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How To Avoid Injuries When You're Running

As a runner it can be your worst nightmare about getting injured, especially if you have a race coming up or it's the only time to get to yourself away from day to day life, so in this blog we're going to chat about 'How to avoid injuries when you're running'.

Your greatest fear might be getting painful knees and pulling a muscle, this can happen as you start increasing your training and the distances that your running.

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