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Aroo Aroo... What Makes a Spartan

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This weekend saw me take on my first Spartan Race. Despite the very hot weather which pretty much meant any type of running or jogging was out of the question, I loved it

From an organisational point of view to the obstacle themselves the whole day was amazing.

A few of my clients were there marshalling the races as well as running so it was good to get a rundown of the course from them and hearing the cheers around the course from them.

As with all races, your upper body strength is really going to be tested, especially with the sandbag carries up those banks in the woods, to the atlas stone lifts and of course the rope climbs and monkey bars. Not forgetting the spear throw. If you want to avoid the penalty burpees having good strength is a must have.

This weeks challenge for you is a Kettle Bell Clean and Press.

It'll get your legs working and of course keep your technique right until the end as your pressing the weight above your head.

Set yourself a challenge and see how many you can do in 1 minute with each arm.

Gemma 'I am a Spartan' Spackman

For more training ideas and advice on pull ups, monkey bars and other obstacle techniques you can buy a copy of the OCR Training and Skills Guide. Which is packed full of step by step videos and exercises to enhance your training programme.