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Road to Recovery and Beyond

Categories: Exercise, Goals

Lots of you know the my story of why I became a PT after seriously injuring my back and being told I would never play football again by a consultant.

Fortunately for me, my Physio at the time was amazing and helped me to see a silver lining to it all and we changed the way I trained and found different sports for me to do, gradually building up the strength in by back and whole body.

This is the approach I take with a lot of my clients.

I understand how nerve racking it can be to exercise and try something new, with the fear it is going to hurt more or make things worse.

Suzy had heard about the training I do from another one of my clients, who also has a long term injury, and over the course of the year she trained to complete the 3 Peaks.

Suzy used to be a dancer and trained 5 to 6 days a week. But since having children her back became a really problem, to the point she was in constant pain and was waiting for spinal surgery as the last resort.

So far we have worked together building up to a few gentle exercises so she has got some strength there so after the surgery her recovery back will hopefully be a bit quicker.

This is what Suzy has to say:

"I came to Gemma for help to improve my strength and stability around my core as I was waiting for spinal surgery. Gemma was understanding to my needs and had helped to improve my ability to manage my pain through exercise. She gave me simple but incredibly effective exercises which enabled me carry on doing them in my own home. I look forward to continuing to improve my level of exercise with Gemma following my surgery and reaching my goal of running 5K!"

As a quick update, Suzy went in for surgery last week and all went well.

I'm really looking to helping her start running again and I'm sure we can get in an event together.

If you're nervous or anxious about training again after an injury, drop me a message and we can have a chat.

Gemma 'road to recovery' Spackman