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Blog: April 2016

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One Determined Lady

I love the fact we are finally getting some sunny days to get out and about, it makes my mornings so much easier to get up, does anybody else find that?

Although the 4 weather systems I experienced on Saturday made me question is summer nearly here. We went to Sherwood Pines for a walk, plus gives me a chances to look at the people on GoApe and the Segways.

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Living Dangerously

I have just been watching a load of programmes on catch up and just finished Bear Grylls Mission Survive and The Island. Both programmes showing extreme challenges from the raft building, climbing, abseiling, trekking which I think I could do quite well at, however I am not so sure about the sleep deprivation, lack of water and food. Anybody that knows me well knows I have to eat regularly otherwise hangry Gemma appears.

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