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My Big Goal - The Obstacle Course Racing World Championships

Categories: Exercise, Goals

Some of you may have seen my training videos and making the most of training outside and using the boys swing frame in the garden to practise my pull ups and grip strength work.

I’m sure loads of you think this is crazy training in this weather, but for me it marks the start of my next goal.

A few of you already know but I’ve kept it pretty quiet up until this point as I now want to share with you my next goal. In October I’ll be taking part in the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships.

For me it’s going to me a huge challenge, but it’s one I’m really looking forward to.

Like many of you I need races and events booked to motivate me to train, and this one certainly has done that. After watching the videos coming through this weekend from the Euros, it’s got me very excited to see what the course will have to offer.

This year has already started really well with the races I’ve done, I’ve managed to knock a lot of time off the distances I’ve been running. Initially I thought it was luck and down to how busy the course was, but as I did the second event and finished in a similar time I knew my hard work in training was paying off.

My biggest worry is still my lower back and wondering if it will hold up to the increased pace and training, but that all comes down to planning and making sure I incorporate enough core and strength work to help it. The other element is some of the more technical aspects to the rigs. Last year that was my main focus at events and I wasn’t looking for time, this year it all needs to come together.

On the flip side, this is a huge dream of mine and now is going to be achievable competing on such a high level.

I’m going to do regular updates on my training and things that have helped me and I’ll be posting videos practising techniques that you’ll be able to use too.

If you have an Obstacle Course Race coming up and need extra training have a look at our OCR Training programme and see how it can help you develop your strength and conditioning needed to take part in the event.