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Can you benefit from Heart Rate Training

Categories: Exercise, Goals

If you don’t have a fitness watch you need to work out what your maximum heart rate is manually. This will give you a good guide as to which zones you need to be working in to get the most benefit from your training.

As a rough guide do 220 – your age. Then you need to work out the percentage of that number for your zone.

For example a 40 year old it would work out to be 220-40 = 180 beats per minute for maximum heart rate.

  • Zone 1 = 90-108 bpm
  • Zone 2 = 108-126 bpm
  • Zone 3 = 126-144 bpm
  • Zone 4 = 144-162 bpm
  • Zone 5 = 162-180 bpm

Which zone do you find you usually end up training in? Use this guide to adjust your training runs to make them more effective when you're running or exercising.