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Do you have the perfect running form?

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As you run longer or your body gets fatigued you’ll find your running form may start to falter which can lead to poor running mechanics and injuries.

The 5 areas to focus on are:

  • Spine – when you’re tired the thoracic region (upper spine) will lean forwards, this will make breathing more difficult and changes your centre of gravity, so you’ll find your quads may get that burning sensation as they’re having to work harder.

Combat this by bringing your chest up and looking forward.

  • Hips – as fatigue kicks in your your legs can move inwards which creates your hips to drop.

Think about keeping your pelvis level like a bucket of water and squeezing your glutes as you’re running.

  • Knees – If your leaning forwards more because more pressure is going through your quads as they’re getting tired, more pressure will be going through your knees, which may create pain.

Try and keep your body upright, so your knees don’t drop over your toes.

  • Ankles – Your ankles can start to roll out (eversion) when you’re tired, meaning they’re in contact with the ground more.

Help this by picking your feet up off the floor even when you’re tired.

  • Elbows – As your tire your arms drop lower as they feel heavy, but it means more work for your shoulders.

Aim to keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees and close into your body as you run.