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What's your biggest fear when you're running?

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What’s one of your biggest fears when you’re out running?

I asked this same question to the guys in our FREE How to Improve Your Running in 28 Days Group and lots of them came back with getting out of breath and having to stop in a race and linking this to their legs feeling like lead and not being able to go any further.

So if this is you, don’t worry other people feel the same.

We aren’t all meant to be like Jess Ennis Hill and Mo Farrah and make running look like a walk in the park.

Far from it, training and getting started can feel like a real slog, especially when you’re trying to relax, look good and not worry about what other people might be thinking as you’re out running.

If you have been feeling like this, have a look at the types of training you’ve been doing and see if you can mix it up a bit and always try and have somebody to run with, they can be a real distraction when you’re out and help to take your mind off the smaller things and its a chance to have a good gossip along the way. You’ll soon stop thinking about your breathing when you’re having a chat with the person next to you.

Another good technique to try, is the splitting up and doing a run/walk. Many of you will have done this in the Couch to 5k Plan, and it doesn’t have to stop there even if you’re increasing the distances you’re going. Either aim for set times as interval training, or focus on land marks on your route and increase/decrease your speed between them.

I’ve used this technique with clients when we are racing. It worked really well in Tough Mudder as not only is it slightly stop start with the obstacles, there are plenty of trees, signs and check points to pace yourself between. I found this really helped with the heavy leg feeling too, as it is giving your body a chance to recover before you push yourself again.


Gemma ‘conquering fears’ Spackman

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