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Strong or Weak?

Categories: Exercise, Goals

This week I'm going to tell you a story, all about whether you perceive yourself as being strong or weak.

There are loads of situations where I can see myself as both of these characters.

There was a proud teak tree in the forest. He was tall and strong. There was a small herb next to the tree.

The teak tree said, “I am very handsome and strong. No one can defeat me.” Hearing this, the herb replied, “Dear friend, too much pride is harmful. Even the strong will fall one day.”

The teak ignored the herb’s words. He continued to praise himself.

A strong wind blew. The teak stood firmly. Even when it rained, the teak stood strong by spreading its leaves.

During these times, the herb bowed low. The teak made fun of the herb.

One day, there was a storm in the forest. The herb bowed low. As usual, the teak did not want to bow.

The storm kept growing stronger. The teak could no longer bear it. He felt his strength giving way.

He tried his best to stand upright, but in the end, he fell down. That was the end of the proud tree.

When everything was calm again, the herb stood straight. He looked around. He saw that the proud teak had fallen.

Have you ever been in the situation where your pride goes before a fall?

Or have you seen that you need help and are willing and able to ask of advice and help when you need it?

I know when it comes to Monty (he's now 11 months, where has that time gone?!) I'm always second guessing what I should be doing, yet me and Laura will always ask other people that have been in the same situation for ideas.

At the moment he is going through a horrible teething spell and not really sleeping at night. Now most of you that know me, know I need sleep!

I am totally open to asking people who have been there and admit when we need advice.

Have you guys ever felt in the same situation. (maybe not with a teething 11 month old) but in your exercise and training routine?

You are so set on how you should be doing things but not really seeing any improvements?

Come and join our FREE How To Improve Your Running In 28 Days Group and get plenty of advice from others in the same situation. You'll find you will get stronger and fitter because of it.


Gemma 'listen to advice' Spackman

PS here is the link again to join us