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How to become a LEGEND

Categories: Exercise, Goals

Over the weekend and epic bunch of ladies took part in The Suffering Race aiming to get LEGEND status.

Completing 3 races over 2 days. Including a 10 miler, a 10k and a 5k. Ouch.

On the run up to the event, adversity was stacked up against them. A few of them plagued with injuries, dodgy knees, feet and shoulders included in all of that. One trying to get rid of her ticket in the last week worrying so much about it, another Amanda was still recovering from completing the 69 mile The wall race the week before.

So you can imagine how I was over the weekend, checking my facebook for updates on how they were all doing.

I'm a super prod coach this last night as they all managed to complete the course, showing off their medals and Cheryl sent me a message saying her and Amanda completed the Monkey bars, something they have both been working really hard on in their training, in not 1 but all 3 races!!

If their stories inspire you, come and check out what we have been doing in our Blast Programme and see how you can become a legend!

Now if you're after Legend status, a good starting block is to be able to Deadhang.

Its a great challenge to see how long you can hold your own body weight.

This is one of the exercises, I got Cheryl and Amanda to do on the build up to the  race.

It works your upper body and your grip.

You can either hang with straight arms or bent arms (this version is lots harder) but make sure you have engaged your back and shoulders to take some of the pressure.

I did this the other week and managed to hold for 1 minute 5 seconds.

How long can you hold it for?


Gemma 'super proud coach' Spackman

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