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Sun, Lakes and ....

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Wow its been a scorcher the last few days.

Personally I love the nice warm weather, all my clients know I in the winter I look like the Michelin man with all my layers on. So when the sun comes out I make the most of it.

Although my thoughts have changed slightly since having Monty and trying to get a baby to sleep at night when its still 28 degrees isn't a fun experience. If you can picture yesterday as sleep deprived mum trying to buy a fan in the city centre, going from shop to shop because everybody else was having the same idea.

Fortunately John Lewis came to the rescue and I managed to get the last small fan on the shelves, there was a bit of a mad rush as I could see somebody else make a beeline for the same fan!

So note to future self, plan ahead and don't leave things to the last minute when they will be in demand.

It was a busy weekend for all the guys on our Blast Programme.

Amanda took part in The Wall - a massive challenge to run 69 miles from Carlisle to Newcastle, following alongside Hadrian's Wall. A massive congratulations to her for completing it and we were all keeping track of her progress on Facebook willing her on.

The rest of us were are Cliff Lakes taking on our own obstacle challenge. No where near as intense as Amanda, but we all took own our own mini challenges.

Trudi, wow what a difference another few months of training makes, she was leaping over the high walls, swinging across the rings.

Cheryl, wanted to tackle the rigs, and boy did she do that. Amazing work setting herself up for The Suffering Legends this coming weekend.

Louise was back looking so relieved to be able to go into the Lake to cool down and when they said so press ups in there it was the perfect opportunity to cool down.

I loved the rings and the rigs, doing monkey bars across a moving ladder was a great challenge. My biggest challenge and one I've admired for a while is the Ninja Rings, I managed to get the first half of the set up complete before my arms were burning and my grip was going, even now 48 hours later my upper body is still feeling it.

So it will be back to training for me to get a bit stronger and work on my grip a bit more, for the others its going to be taking it steady and getting in some recovery this week before they are racing next weekend.

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Gemma 'ninja ring' Spackman

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