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What is your favourite topping?

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January seems to have flown by and the News Years resolutions everybody set on 1st January are either now a habit and you can’t believe you hadn’t been doing it before, or your old habits crept back it. Lots of my clients did dry January, and I know some people had some nice hangovers last weekend to celebrate finishing it.

All of a sudden February has crept up on us and it’s PANCAKE DAY! I know what I will be having for pudding tonight. They are so versatile and you can have so many variations, will you stick to traditional thin pancake with golden syrup or sugar and lemon, or a slightly thicker and doughy mix with maple syrup. The choices are endless.

Here is an easy pancake recipe for you to make at home.

100g plain flour

300ml milk

2 eggs

I find the easiest way to make them is to put all the ingredients in a jug and use an electric hand mixer to blend the mixture together. As it is already in the jug once you have you pan and oil hot enough (test it by putting in a tiny blob of the mixture and if it sizzles straight away) you are good to go.

As you have made your mixture in a jug pour enough mixture in the pan to get the size of the pancake you want and let it cook for a minute or two until it comes away from the pan easily, you can turn it over with your spatula or be brave and go for an adventurous flip. Let it cook until both side look golden and then you are ready to put your toppings on.

If you want to share your pancake pictures with me post them on to my Facebook page, so I can see what topping you decided to go for.