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What do you drink when exercising?

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There are lots of different options for you to choose from and the market is currently flooded with lots of choices for you enticing you to buy their drinks to give you lots of energy, stop you aching and build muscle. I am going to help you decide if you need any of them when you exercise, for this blog I am going to focus on recovery drinks and protein shakes.

When you exercise your body looses water and salts as your body sweats. Aerobic training like running depletes your sugar stores and dehydrates you whereas anaerobic training weight lifting breaks down your muscle fibres. However most people who are moderately active only need water to replenish these lost stores after exercise, but if you are doing intense workouts a post workout drink (recovery/protein) can increase your recovery time and reduce muscle soreness because you are replacing what has been lost during exercise.

A recovery drink will:

  • Rehydrate your body
  • Replenish lost minerals from exercising
  • Have more carbohydrates than protein in it
  • Help you if you have been doing intense aerobic training
  • You should have it 20 – 30 minutes after exercise

A protein shake will:

  • Contain more protein than carbohydrates
  • Develop lean body mass and encourage muscle gain
  • Rapidly synthesise protein, minimise damage and reduce soreness
  • You should have it within 60 minutes of your workout

Just remember if you are working out for 60 minutes for less, water is perfectly fine to have and if you are have done a more intense session it is a good idea to have a recovery drink or protein shake depending on your goals.