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My Climbing Experience

Categories: Exercise

At the moment I am trying out new experiences and different ways to exercise. I have always been into adventure and although I love playing football and team sports, I like doing things that will challenge myself. I think this is why I like surfing and skiing.

A couple of weeks ago I booked to have a lesson at Nottingham Climbing Centre, it was brilliant. I was nervous to start with as it is out of my comfort zone, but once the instructor James has shown me the basics it was great. I was shown how to tie the knots and attach them to the harness, no pressure as if I was to fall it is the knot I had tied that would stop me!

I realised there is a lots of strength work involved and how to grip and hold onto the boulders on the wall. We also did bouldering, which is climbing without ropes…eekkkk!

I also learnt not to do a barn door on the wall. I you don’t know what it is, keep reading my blog over the next few weeks and I’ll explain more about it.

It was a 2 hour session and by the end of it I was exhausted, but I loved it. I will definitely be going back and improving on what I have already learnt.

So this was me trying something new and getting out of my comfort zone, if you fancy trying something new and creating a new habit go for it, you will love it once you have taken the first scary steps. Let me know how you get on and what you decide to do