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What is the UKOSF?

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Lots of you know I'm passionate about Obstacle Course Racing, I love the adrenaline rush from taking on an obstacle and the whole race and event set up. 
The UK has taken a huge and positive step forwards in creating a National Governing Body to oversee the OCR in the UK. 
I was lucky enough at the beginning of the year to be one of the first group of coaches to take part in the World OCR Certified Coach Programme in the UK. This shows how important an organisation is maintain the professional standards expected from Trainers who coach participants for OCR's. 
Here's a little more about the UKOSF. 
The UK Obstacle Sport Federation (UKOSF) is the National Governing Body for OCR and related activities in the United Kingdom. It’s a not for profit organisation which forms part of the European and then the World OCR (Federation Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO))

Currently UKOSF is in the process of getting OCR recognised as an official sport by UK Sport. By having recognised sports status it will help to bring more credibility to the sport and activities, help to ensure athlete safety, help to standardise and recognise qualification pathways for athletes wanting to compete at a national and internal level, develop a membership base and coaching development pathways to ensure those trainers and coaches working with athletes have the correct qualifications to do so.

After competing at a recreational level there is then the option to qualify and be selected for the European and World Championships. One of World OCR plans is to get the sport of Obstacle Course Racing to be at the Olympics in future years.

For those of you who are interested in becoming a member of the UKOSF and helping the body to move forwards head over to their website.