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OCR Top Tips and Guide

This time last year me and one of my clients Cheryl, were in full training mode for the Obstacle Race World Championships, that were being held at Nuclear Races. 

It seems like a lifetime ago now, especially as this years races have been cancelled. 

For me it was my first time at a major competition and to soak in the atmosphere and to take on the technical rigs that are more common in European and World races. It gave us both things we wanted to work out, not only from the technical, but also I knew I wanted to be a quicker runner. Which was a tough challenge anyway on that course, given that it turned into a mud bath, from what was possibly the wettest October ever. 

Lockdown has helped me to focus on my running, it's still not my favourite thing to do, especially when pushing two toddles in a pushchair up a hill. Lockdown has also seen the addition of lots of new kit into the studio, the biggest but being the brand new rig that's been installed. 

It's perfect for practising technique on, and I've incorporated most common challenges you'll see on a course. With regular monkey bars, rings, a skull valley and a Spartan Twister. There's a rope climb to practise the different foot locks and a variety of rig attachment from small ropes, nun chucks, balls and gibbons. 

Being able able to train in an environment where there is no pressure and everybody helps out is brilliant. 

After completing my World OCR Coach Certification, I knew I wanted to share more advice and knowledge with you. I've put together a FREE OCR Top Tips Guide which focuses on exercises to improve strength, core, mobility, balance, power, running and obstacle technique. 

Get Your Copy Here

If you know somebody who would like a copy forward them this email with the link in and they can get it too. 
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram I've been posting lots of top tip videos and pictures to help with races and technique. Head over to those pages and you'll see lots more over the next few weeks.