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How To Use Mental Imagery

Categories: Goals

Mental imagery is when you use all your senses to rehearse a scene or movement you need to perform. You want this to end positively to set you in a good mindset.

For the best results you want to use all your senses when performing imagery techniques. (Sight, hear, feel, smell)

Imagery is best used when you can break down the action and environment down to the smallest pieces, this way you can rehearse the sequence and set up. You’ll find this is the best way to help you focus and reduce anxiety in the situation.

To be successful when using imagery you need to use it every day. This could be first thing in the morning if it links to a goal you want to achieve or if it links to a skill or race, make sure you practise it before, during and after training or your event.

The benefits of mental imagery:

  • Develop self confidence
  • Work on race strategies and coping mechanisms
  • Enhance focus on concentration levels

If you can establish good relaxation techniques, including controlled breathing this will help you

  • Improve your rest and recovery
  • Remove stress and muscular tension
  • Be in a positive frame of mind to help further enhance how you perform imagery techniques
  • Control physical and mental arousal and anxiety levels before a race

How to use mental imagery

Develop a quick 30 second routine, close your eyes and calm your breathing, imagine what it felt like in a previous race when you had a positive result, take in everything, the emotions, the smells, the noises and then bring yourself back to the now and perform the same routine.