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Injury Proof Your Body Toolkit

Categories: Exercise, Injury

Now that races are starting to make a slow reappearance in the calendar, training is starting to feel like it has a purpose again, other than stress relief.

It’s great having clients back in the studio all working towards a common goal.

Emma has been taking part in the Injury Clinic and re focused her year on recovery is going to be running at Thoresby Hall soon and Ruth swam her first outdoor 7.5k competition this year and is now regularly running 3 times a week.

I have put together an Injury Proof Your Body Toolkit which you can download, that will give you the tools needed to ensure that any little niggles you may have disappear and learn how to prevent them in future.

When you download the Toolkit you’ll get 3 videos that will focus on running drills to make you more efficient, biomechanics and gait cycle information to help your running posture and a training programme to help your mobility and lower body.

There are also some bonus videos you’ll get, but I’ll keep those a secret.

To download your Injury Proof Your Body Toolkit click on the button here.