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Try This High Energy Snack To Fuel Your Races

Categories: Nutrition

A question I get asked by clients is what can I eat before or after training?

They may be in a rush and straight off to go to work, or pick the kids up from school and need something quick to give them some energy.

These snacks are also great to have during a race and much nicer than the energy gels that you can get.

I love this recipe from Deliciously Ella for Raw Brownies, the guys who came to my last workshop were lucky and got to sample some of them.

Don't be fooled, they aren't really like a brownie but they are yummy.

The ingredients I use are:

  • 140g of almonds
  • 400g of pitted dates
  • 3 table spoons of cocoa powder
  • 2 table spoons of maple syrup

How to make them:

  • Pulse the almonds in the food processor until they form a crumbly mixture
  • Add the dates, cocoa powder, maple syrup and blend again
  • Once the mixture is sticky, take it out and press it down onto a baking tray so its half a centimetre thick (i found rolling it between baking parchment and then putting it onto the baking tray is a bit easier)
  • Freeze the brownies for a hour to let them set, then cut and store them in the fridge.

Let me know how you get on making them.

Or if there are any other high energy snacks you swear by, let me know so I can try them out.

I still have a couple of spaces left on our How To Improve Your Running Workshop on 28th February, so if you want to come and join us and see what delicious snack I have for you this time, book your place now. 


Gemma 'delicious snacks' Spackman