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Is it really possible to go from injured to sub 30 min 5k in 6 weeks?

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12 people this weekend came to my SOLD OUT workshop, and left with exercises they could take into their training to get the fitter and stronger. Most of them had come of the back of being injured or were worried they were going to get injured as they increased their training over the next few months as they build up to the bigger distances.

I'll be holding another workshop soon, so if you want to be first on the list for this great opportunity drop me a message and you'll be the first to know about the next one.

Lynn had a similar story to a lot of the guys who came to the session on Saturday. She enjoyed running and had set herself the challenge of completing the Couch to 5k last summer. She had previously injured her back horse riding and this year is going to be completing the 3 Peaks challenge, so knew she needed help to exercise in the right way to get her back in shape and confident she was doing the right thing.

You may have seen this week for January I'm offering our 6 Week How to Transform Your Running Programme for £99, saving you a massive £50.

Here's a bit more info on it for you.

Imagine if you:

  • Could get guaranteed results (or your money back)
  • Had a structured training programme designed to get you fitter
  • Had a simple nutrition plan, packed full of great food
  • Received coaching and accountability so you always know what you’re doing
  • Train with a small group of people who want the same results as you

Not only that, you’ll be with a team of people who care about your results.

When you invest in us, we put all our time and energy into you. We treat you as a VIP member.

If you don’t see results with us, we’ll give you your money back - it’s totally risk free for you.

Here’s what's included in your membership:

  • 2 training sessions a week, on various days and times to give you flexibility
  • Delicious food ideas to get you full of energy
  • Guaranteed results (or your money back)
  • Private members community so you can join the journey with our clients
  • Support from our friendly coaches

The investment in the programme is easy. Our 1:1 clients pay us £700 for 6 weeks, but for this you won’t pay anywhere near that.

In fact it’s just £99 for 6 weeks.

That works out to £5 a session, plus all the extra support, nutrition and guidance you’ll get as part of the programme.

We have 6 spaces available.