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This Girl Can

What a weekend of races and seeing everybody stories of the championships.

Today I'm going to tell you all about my client Holly-Kate, but I'll let her explain her own journey.

"I've always hated and been terrible at any sort of sport and physical activity. P.E at school was my worst nightmare and that sense of inadequacy seeped into every sport and form of exercise. I always felt too big and clumsy.

I got peer pressured into doing the half Tough Mudder with the girls from work, I only agreed because if I didn't I'd be the only one and everyone would know what a failure at exercise I was. I was terrified and I was sure I'd be the last one round, I'd be too heavy for the obstacles or they wouldn't actually let me past the start line.

I did prepare for it - I got a Personal Trainer, I still knew it would be a complete disaster. was't! It sounds cheesy but every step I took around the course filled me with confidence. I could run! I could climb over walls! I was actually enjoying myself!

Embarking on my journey towards completing the half Tough Mudder has been life changing. The belief that I can achieve previously unheard of things has made me reassess what I am capable of in other parts of my life. I am more confident at work and have been achieving even more sport related things. I ran a 10k and have signed up for another 10k obstacle course.

I'm not afraid of my body because I know I'm getting stronger and achieving things. This girl can!"

Can any of you relate to Holly-Kate?

She has come on leaps and bounds, and she started with these simple steps seeing me.

Do you want to achieve anything and conquer your fear?

Take the next step and book onto your FREE Pull Up Technique Workshop.

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Gemma 'Pull Up' Spackman