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If you love a challenge you have to try this

Categories: Exercise

This week I have a challenge for you.

Your heart will be racing and you will look like a pro in the gym.

Click on the link to the video to watch it and try it out.

Here is a list of the exercises if you haven't got the chance to watch the video.

TRX Side Jump Squats

TRX Walk Outs and Press Ups

VIPR Thread the Needle

VIPR Totem Pole

Medicine Ball Slams

You guys play about with the timings that you do each exercise, remember the best way to challenge your self is really push yourself to the max, so give yourself as little rest as possible between each exercise.

Even when you are pushing yourself to the max, keep your technique.

Some tips I have for all the exercises are brace your core, especially as you are going to be doing lots of jumping and rotational movements.

If you can get your hands on a slam ball that will be great as your body has to react to movement of the ball as they usually have a sand bag in the middle.

I'll be giving more tips and advice this weekend at the Free Pull Up Workshop this weekend in West Bridgford. I'm looking forward to seeing you there if you have booked onto it and really working in your technique and challenging you to new ways of doing them.

If you want to join us I still have a couple of spaces left, the training you will get will see you come on leaps and bounds.


Gemma 'training hard' Spackman