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How to stay nice and toasty this winter

Categories: Exercise

This is one question that I'm getting asked loads at the moment by my clients.

How can I stay nice and warm when I'm training at the moment.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a get info graphic in our Adventure Challengers Facebook Group, if you aren't already in there come and join us and you can see other bits I post.

Following on from this, if it's 4 to -1 degrees C you should be wearing a long sleeved top and full length leggings/joggers as your base layer, have a jumper or fleece as your insulating layer and then gloves and ear warmers.

For all the crazy people who want to get out when its -1 to -6 degrees C you want to be wearing a long sleeved top and leggings as you base layer, a fleece and joggers as an insulating layer, a lightweight jacket as a protective layer and a hat and warm gloves.

I'm one of these people that likes to be toasty when I train so I wear plenty of layers. If I'm outside I'll be in a couple of base layers/compression tops, t shirt, jumpers, leggings and joggers, a couple of pairs of socks, my neck waters, gloves, hat and coat. I think people must think I look like the michelin man!

The bit to remember as soon as you start exercising your body temperature is going to rise and it's a lot easier to take off layers as you get hotter than it is to warm up once you get too cold.

I've heard a few stories recently of people on the onset of hypothermia because they haven't planned ahead on what they are wearing.

Loads of shops are selling great winter training gear, and as Christmas is round the corner get Santa's little helpers to add them to your Christmas list.


Gemma 'nice and warm' Spackman

PS. Great work to everybody who came to the Pull Up Workshop at the weekend, you were all fantastic. It was great to see you all pick up some new techniques and bits to work on in your training.

PPS. If you missed out, keep a look out as i'll be putting on another date in the New Year.