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My Top Pull Up Tips

What an achy week that was.

After going to the Obstacle Gym last week and loving it, I chucked myself in to all the obstacles there with lots of grit an determination. It took me nearly a week to recover from the mornings training.

Again it highlighted to me how much having somebody showing you and really pushing you to complete the challenges really motivates you to do more.

One of the big factors I noticed and I know many of you have told me before is how much upper body strength is needed along with good technique to get on with lots of the obstacles.

Looking at this Pull Ups are a perfect way to build your upper body strength.

But hands up, and honest moment with yourself. Can you do 10 Pull Ups?

There is so much information out there and different ways to improve your Pull Ups.

A great starting point is to make sure you have fully warmed up and done a load of mobility work with your shoulders as they are going to be put through their paces holding you up.

One great way I have for strengthening your back is by doing Negative Pull Ups.

These are just a couple of my Top Tips to get you to improve your Pull Ups.

Come and join me on the FREE Pull Up Technique Workshop in Nottingham where I'll share my tried and tested methods to get you mastering the Perfect Pull Up.

I've limited the workshop to 8 people to make sure you have all my attention as you show me your Pull Ups.

Just think what you will be able to do once you have mastered a Pull Up.

Monkey bars, Big Rigs, Rope Climbs will all seem nice and easy and you will fly through them.


Gemma 'Pull Up Master' Spackman