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Meat vs. Veg

Do you know what day it is today?

I know TUESDAY is the obvious answer!

I have been well informed by a client that it is also World Vegan Day.

Now many of you who know me will know any meal I have must include meat or fish.

Laura once served me vegetable lasagne and a bean burger and I asked where the meat was before I had even taken a mouthful.

I had to eat humble pie as they actually delicious. I love veg and have nothing against eating crunchy fresh veg, I just feel part of my plate is missing without a nice juicy bit of chicken or salmon.

A couple of my clients are vegan and always tell me about what they are eating and it does sound good. Even the vegan raspberry chocolate they got me for when Monty was born was yummy!!

Getting into the spirit of World Vegan Day I have been looking at some recipes to try.

Here is a Jamie Oliver Veggie Noodles with Curried Coconut Sauce and a Deliciously Ella Energy Giving Stir Fry.

Try them out and post you pictures on our Facebook Group so we can all see your creations.

I mentioned last week that I was setting myself accountable with you guys and joining in with a group session. My clients loved seeing me challenging myself and putting myself through the torture that they endure every week.

I loved it, and was so pleased I had made the time to join in and it has really motivated me to really focus on my own training which has slipped a bit.

On that note, if you feel your own training has slipped and needs a boost before Christmas the 6 Week Blast Programme starts tomorrow at 5.30pm for £99 and there are still a couple of places left on it.

If you want to join us come and take action now and reply to the email and book your place.


Gemma 'going to eat a vegan meal' Spackman