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This could be you

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Last week I told you all about Cheryl and how she took on her fear of heights at The Obstacle Gym walking across the high beam.

When I say walking it started as a very nervous stutter and shuffle.

She was even compared to dear in a headlights.

This didn't stop her take on and make her way to the end.

When it then came to the rope traverse at the top of some massive scaffolding she had no problems working her way long and even somersaulting off the cargo net at the end!

Cheryl started our Blast Programme in the New Year, having not done any gym work for a while. We have done a 2 sets of fitness tests since she started and has made massive improvements in every area. We looked at squats, pull ups, press ups and lateral box jumps.

We highlighted that her upper body strength was an area she wanted to work on, and this is the case for a lot the the people who take part in our programmes.

Once we have nailed technique, the increase in strength follows along really nicely.

Cheryl is the perfect example of this, to the point she has more than doubled the weight she now deadlifts, which will give her the extra strength to power of obstacles.

In case you missed it this is what Cheryl had to say about her time on our Blast Programme so far:

"After being out of fitness for over a year and completing in the odd OCR I found the Blast Programme has given me the confidence to take my love of  OCR to another level. With  new knowledge, I have completed Tough Guy in which I amazed myself at my level of fitness that I had gained in such a short time. I have just signed up to my first half marathon which 8 weeks ago I wouldn't of seen myself doing.

If you find yourself needing motivation or uncertain of the correct way to carry yourself forward join Gemma for the Blast Programme. I've loved it that much I'm joined on for another six week programme."

Awesome work from Cheryl, I know she will keep smashing her targets with all the races she has booked so far this year.

To make it super flexible for you guys, you can join the Blast Programme at any point and start your 6 weeks straight away and have the success Cheryl is seeing.

If you are interested and want more information comment below.

Thanks Gemma 'ready for a challenge' Spackman

  1. If enough people are interested I will be starting a Wednesday morning and evening session as well as the existing Tuesday evening. So let me know if you wan them.