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Tackle your challenges head first

Categories: Exercise, Goals

I have recovered from my race and the the bruises have finally gone down, my legs no longer look like they have been kicked.

What's the best obstacle kiss and war wound you have ever got?

What challenges do you face when you are racing?

What obstacle is your biggest nemesis at the moment?

For me I have been really working on my upper body strength, which is why I have been going climbing. Its a slightly different way of training for me, especially as I spend most of my day in a gym or studio so I get a nice bit of variety and also my down time as I don't feel like I'm at work.

I have found my grip strength and the way I need to move my body has improved.

Bring on the monkey bars. After a swim and having very wet hands, I approach them, determined to get all the way across. One by one I see lots of people fall off and back into the water for a chilly swim to the other side of the lake. Then its my turn, I grip on for dear life and get a good swing, each movement taking me closer to the other side. What seems like forever and burning hands I make it to the other side. YAY!!!!

The other worry I had was the final cargo net up to the finish line. (That's nothing some of you maybe thinking)

Previously at Survival of the Fittest I had somehow got to the end of the end but couldn't get out, I just kept burying myself further down and not getting the end of the net over my head! Argh!

Like the monkey bars, I was determined and didn't let my past memories stop me as everybody is looking at the finish line.

I zoomed up the hill ready to collect my finishers medal and I could see a lady having exactly the same problems I had previously. In the fun and friendly spirit of OCR I held the end of the net, for her to escape as I wished somebody had done that for me before.

Check out the video, I'm the 1 crawling on the left.

  Cargo Net Finish

Let me know what exciting things you guys have got coming up, and what challenges you are working towards at the moment.



PS. Have a think about how you can achieve the challenge and beat your nemesis this week.