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Wow that was fun!!

This weekend I took part in X Runner Water Wipeout,  Laura was there to support me and be the official photographer. What we hadn't counted on was the weather. rain, rain and more rain. Being 36 weeks pregnant, in welly boots a big poncho as it chucked it down with rain wasn't the ideal way she had planned on cheering me along. Oops.

Fortunately as we arrived at Holme Pierpoint and parked the car it stopped raining. It didn't matter to me as I knew in in a short space of time I would be covered in mud and soaked through from jumping in the rapids.

I had limited training leading up to the event, but as many of you know from seeing and taking part in the sessions I do, they are intense so I was fully prepared for the obstacles and the running.

With this event it was run at 5k laps, and you could either do 5 or 10k. It was getting very busy on the course as people were on their second lap. As we all started off nice and clean you could see people who were on their way back caked in mud and I knew all the rain had done its job ensuring the muddy course was extra muddy and slippy.

In total for each lap there was 37 obstacles, each one slightly different and each one having their own challenges to them.

As I went round the course I knew I needed help and team work at some the the obstacles. I got chatting to lots of people as I went round and was taken in by a group of people all work colleagues. We supported each other all the way round. So don't worry if you enter a race on your own, the OCR community is so friendly and people will always help you. I think my conversation starter with one of the guys as we looked at some tyres, was 'I'll push you, if you pull me!'

My favourite obstacles were the massive water slide and the jump into the rapids. My proud moment of the event was making it across the money bars without falling into the water. my hands were in pieces from the ladder, but if you have seen the picture of me doing them you will see the pained look on my face.

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