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One step at a time

Im going to keep it short and sweet this week as I have a challenge for you at the end of this.

I have spent the last week thinking about my goals, both business and personal. Ill let you know some of them a little bit later.

When you are watching this video think about what you want to achieve.

This video is a great way to visualise how they can help you can give you a sense of direction.

What did you think any clear on what you want to have achieved by the end of the summer?

2 of my sporting goals are to have entered a challenging race (not sure yet which one) and to have mastered a new climbing route.

A personal goal I have is to switch off this weekend and enjoy our final holiday as a couple before our little one arrives in August.



PS. You challenge is to think of one goal to focus on, and remember just taking one step will help you achieve it.

PPS. If you want to share it with me, post in the comments box or hit reply.

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