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Guess what a client made me eat yesterday.......

There has been lots of fuss about avocados recently being amazing for you.

It is true they are great and so versatile as well, whether they are used as a savoury snack or as part of a sweet treat.

Here are some avocado facts for you

    • They originated in Mexico
    • It is a fruit (as it has a stone in the middle)
    • It has more potassium than a banana
    • If you need it it ripped quicker, put it next to a banana or apple
    • Each avocado on average has 4g of protein in it
    • You can substitute them in baked goods for butter

    We love an avocado in our house and appear when we have Mexican as our Guacamole, with a poached egg on toast (yummy), added to smoothies for that extra immune boost, and recently as a chocolate moose (amazing).

    Yesterday a client made avocado truffles for me to taste. I would love to share a picture of them for you, but we ate it too quickly. It was fantastic. Highly recommend trying making them.

    Head over to my Pinterest board and I have the recipe pinned on there for you.

    You might also find some other delicious snack ideas on there.



    PS Let me know what creations you have made with avocados. If you want to share you pictures head over to our VIP Facebook group and post them in there.