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It's all about your core

Categories: Exercise

I'm sure you will have all heard about your 'core' by now and how important it is to keep it strong in everyday life and the vital role in plays within exercise.

The thing to remember your core isn't just about your abs and having a six pack.

Your core encompasses a variety of muscles in your body, from your hips all the way to your shoulders. They help to stabilise your spine and pelvis, and the muscles that run the entire length of your torso.

When you contract all these muscles together it creates a solid base and you can then produce powerful, strong and controlled movements.

So the next time you do a squat or a deadlift, complex exercises that need multi joint actions think about contracting all the muscles in your body to produce the action.

It is a given that advanced gym buddies and athletes need a strong core, but so do you. If you think the muscles needed run the entire length of you body, your core is vital in helping you to stand, walk, change direction, distribute weight and of course protect your back.

How many of you have been told or heard the saying, if you have a bad back you need to strengthen your core?

I imagine loads of you.

I also see a lot of it when training people, they have been told they need to work their core but not entirely sire what it actually means.

The benefits to having a strong core will mean that you reduce back pain, improve your performance, and improve your posture.

Exercises are most effective when your torso works as an entire unit. What I mean by this is you are contracting the front and back of your body together at the same time. You then must exercise across the joints to stabilise the spine.

Abdominal bracing is a good start (think about sucking your tummy button and pressing back), you must breathe through the exercise as well.

To get you started a few good core exercises are:

  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Hip Bridge
  • Single Leg Hip Bridge
  • Russian Twist.



PS. I am busy working hard on an exciting new project at the moment, so keeps your eyes pealed for when it is launched.