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How can Glucosamine and Fish Oils help you?

Categories: Nutrition

I the winter months when it is cold outside all you want to do is wrap up warm and stay inside, especially if get achy joints.

I always remember finishing a game of football being freezing cold and, having the leather imprint of where a ball had hit me on the thigh and then my knees and hips would be stiff. Ouch!

When I had been travelling for 9 months to lovely hot Australia I realised I didn’t really get achy joints anymore, I was doing similar and some would say even more active sports and I didn’t have any problems.

This got me thinking that I needed to keep this feeling in the cold and damp English winters.

It became even more important when I injured my lower back and needed to keep moving. Being a Personal Trainer and moving around like a robot is not a good look.

I discovered Glucosamine supplements. Glucosamine sulphate naturally occurs in the body and is found in the cartilage in joints and helps to cushion them. During exercise and everyday life the stress can impact on this and cause excess friction and can lead to the break down of the cartilage, this is what causes the pain in the joints. The glucosamine supplements can increase the cartilage and fluid surrounding joints or help prevent breakdown of these substances, some people believe it ca do both.

Another supplement to look at are Fish Oils, they have similar benefits in that they help with joint mobility, decrease stiffness and reduce swelling within the joints.

I have found that I am less stiff and feel more mobile since I have been taking them, and they are a regular feature alongside my porridge in the morning.



PS. If you have taken these supplements or start to take them now, let me know how you get on via our contact page.