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How To Plan With A Young Family

Categories: Exercise, Goals
What a busy few weeks its been.
I'm now properly back at work after taking time off to welcome the latest addition to the family. Wilf joined us on 2nd November and Laura, Monty and Wilf are all doing well.
We're all learning the skills needed to juggle a new born baby and a non stop toddler. 
This is where my planning has come in. From creating a spreadsheet for when Laura needs her painkillers to setting time aside to do work. Fortunately with having the studio now, I'm not doing much paperwork and admin at home so the time I am at home I'm able to spend with the family and lots of playing with Monty and cuddles with Wilf. 
Planning is key and if you saw my video on Facebook or my Instagram stories you'll have heard all about how I plan.
I have to set time aside in my diary and block out time for my training, or it doesn't happen. I'd much rather be at home with Monty and Wilf. 
The same is said for our food planning. We've always been good at planning our meals for the week, more because we know when do the online shop we know exactly what to buy but it keeps it easy in an evening when i'm back in late from work to know what to cook. 
How do you guys plan/ What tips can you share that make things easier in your life?
Our clients at the studio all follow their training plans and know what days they're training and are able to track their sessions in their log books, so when it comes to planning their next months training we can see the progression they've made. 
We also have time to plan in our monthly challenge. This month at the studio its all about doing a Wall Squat.
have a look at this video, plan in when you can do it and try and beat your time each week.