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How To Change Your Body Shape and Feel Better

Categories: Exercise, Nutrition, Goals
Have you seen my post Facebook and Instagram this morning?
It's all about Tracey who is our client of the month, she won a pamper set that I've been told she'll use next week when she's on holiday.
She has been training with me for a while and had a huge incentive this summer to lose weight and get in better shape for her daughters wedding. 
Tracey admitted she always struggled with her food and exercise and it was always all or nothing with them both.
This summer she saw really good results and she looked amazing on her daughters wedding day. But it hasn't stopped there.
In October she joined our Legends Programme feeling like she needed to shake up her training and be even more focused and determined with her weight loss. 


Tracey had this to say about working with us

"Gemma and I train together regularly. Gemma has enabled me to lift heavier and work harder. I sometimes struggle on my journey but Gemma is so motivated and enthusiastic that I always get back on track and look and feel significantly better. On two occasions yesterday colleagues commented on my changing shape."

If you're looking to transform your body shape and fitness or have an event coming up like Tracey contact me and we can have a chat.