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Top 3 Running Mistakes That Will Stop Your Running Faster

Categories: Exercise, Goals
Now that winter has set in, its a great time to start thinking about the New Year and the races that you have planned.
This week I've already booked in two events in May (Aztec Escape) and July (Spartan) after really enjoying them this year. I've got a few more lined up so I'm aiming to do one each month as soon as the weather gets nicer. 
With an packed race schedule its important to think about the goals you're wanting to work towards over the year. 
The last couple of years I've been focusing on technique and coming back from injury. 
In 2019 I want my focus to be on completing the races faster and feeling stronger as I'm doing the obstacles.
I'm going to quickly highlight some of the common mistakes people make when it comes to running faster. 
1. Lack of planning and structure to your training
​​​​​​​This is a key component to your running. When you design your training you need to break it down into big, middle and small picture. This could look like seeing your year as a whole, then splitting it into quarters or seasons, then monthly and weekly plans. 
When you do this you'll be able to see the busy and quiet periods so you know when you should be training hard and then recovery times. 
It can also link to having a training programme that is very generic and a one size fits all approach, you're training programme should be designed specially for you and the goals you're setting out to achieve. 
You could also have a training programme that is very running focused and doesn't have enough time on cross training and strength and conditioning. 
2. Lack of Strength and Conditioning
Having a good weights training programme is going to benefit you massively. It'll strengthen you're muscles, as a runner having strong glutes and core are going to be key to making sure you stay injury free and are able to keep up your speed as your increase the distance that you're running. 
Again a good programme will be designed specially for you and show progression as your training develops.
3. Not enough recovery and TLC 
Running and training is hard work. You're putting a lot a stresses on your body. This is why making sure you have enough rest days in your training programme is important. 
These days will be the time your body is able to adapt to the training you're doing recover.
This can either be in the form of a completely different type of exercise, like going for a walk or swimming. 
Stretching, foam rolling and having regular sports massages will also benefit you and help your recovery. 
Do any of these relate to you?
I'd love to know what your plans are for next year and what events you have on the horizon.