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Who's Your Support Crew

September is here and seems to have come upon us very quickly.

The kids are back at school normality is starting to settle back in.

You are getting back into your regular routine and can think about the next challenges you have round the corner.

I have all my clients working hard on the next stages to their training programmes, building on the hard work they did over the summer.

For me its getting ready to go on our first family holiday, I can't wait and I'm super excited about taking Monty on his first aeroplane and going swimming everyday with him.

Like with anything its always best to have supportive people around you when you do anything, whether that's starting a new job, joining a running group, taking part in a race or even going on holiday. Its always more fun, you can share the nerves, have a laugh and look back on the time together and share the memories.

That's why I love our training programmes so much, everybody gets on with each other and is super supportive, we are our own little family. Bigging each other up and giving that high 5 when we need it.

Post your pictures of you and your running buddy/ support crew and tag them in it on our Facebook Page.



PS. There will be no blog from me next week, whilst I enjoy the sun and come back recharged ready to go.