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How to Improve Your Balance and Bum for Running

Categories: Exercise

First off this week is a MASSIVE congratulations to everybody who took part in the Robin Hood Half and Marathon at the weekend. Seeing all of the pictures and hearing all about it is so inspirational and great to see so many people support and cheer along the course.

I know there was a lot of self doubt in the weeks leading up to the day, with people not sure if they were going to make it round, what if they got injured on the build up or nerves get the better of them on race day. I know one person who hadn't told anybody she was going to take part as she was that nervous, she loved it and had a huge sense of achievement when she completed it.

Now I'm sure there are some achy legs about for the next couple of days so its time to give yourself a but of TLC and treat yourself to a massage and some gentle exercise as your recovery.

Once your back into training again, I have a little challenge for you that will help activate your glutes and get your balance on point.

I love this exercise as you can make it as easy or as challenging as you want.

Its a single leg balance with a difference.

You're going to add in a throw and catch with a ball.

This is great to do with a partner or you can use a wall if you're on your own.

Your first step is to make sure you're steady on the leg you're balancing on. Try and think about squeezing your glutes and tummy as you're standing still. Once you've mastered that start by throwing and catching the ball at your chest, to keep your balance.

Your next step is catch the ball off balance. By receiving it either side or high and low. You'll probably find one leg is stronger than the other, you then know you need to work on strengthening this leg.

Let me know how you get on.



PS. You might have seen I have a 6 Week Transform your Fitness programme starting. So if you're after that next step and looking to push yourself as the nights are getting darker, drop me a message and we can have a chat.