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Mobility work: How does it help your performance

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Mobility Work: How Does It Help Performance?

What is mobility work?

Mobility work is a series of exercises that are designed to help you move better. They are basically tools you can use to perform basic maintenance of your body. This should not be confused with stretching, though. Stretching mostly focuses on the particular muscle that is being stretched. Mobility work, however, is more all-encompassing as it focuses not only on muscles but on other body parts such as ligaments, tendons, fascia and the motor and joint control required to perform a movement correctly.

Different types of mobility work

Mobility workouts are tailor-made for different parts of your body. If you are having a persistent ache or soreness in a part of your body due to various reasons such as weightlifting, sports, sitting behind a desk all day or walking long distances, mobility work will usually aim to set you right. Here are a few types of mobility work:

  1. Squatting

You may think, “I already do several reps of these in the gym, you aren't telling me anything new”. Well, you may be right, but instead of just your basic squat, hold that bottom position for 10 minutes! Not as easy as you thought right? Research has shown that in communities where squatting is a regular position, people generally have lower chances of hip, lower back or disc issues.

  1. Calves movements

What does your foot, knee, and hip have in common? Calves! Try doing a bent calf stretch which improves the range of motion of the joint. Incorporating a myofascial release helps get rid of any knots in the muscle's sliding surfaces.

  1. Hamstring movements

Having stiff hamstrings is a common condition nowadays. Try a closed chain stretch with your feet firmly planted on the floor as you move your torso and hips around that fixed point. Do not do this movement too fast but rather, focus on feeling every inch of the twist.

  1. Shoulder and neck movements

Many of us have office jobs where we are hunched over a computer day in, day out. This severely limits our ability to get our hands up over our head. You can perform mobility exercises to strengthen your shoulder joints and reduce the arch.

These are only a few types of mobility exercises you can try.

Many times, athletes only hold the mobility work for a few seconds. To reap all the benefits of your mobility work, try and hold it for at least ten minutes. This will give you enough time to get comfortable in the position and increase your flexibility. Mobility work does not have to be done every day. However, for serious athletes and gym-goers, you may want to work it into your routine targeting the specific areas that you focus on during your workout. Remember to breathe through the mobility work. This is a very important aspect of doing it well.


  • Increased flexibility
  • Remedy for ailments such as chronic back pain
  • Increased range of motion
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • More fluid movements